Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa, Austin, TX, May 6-8, 2018
Advanced Scale Forum
6 - 8 May 2018
Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa
Austin, TX
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What is Advanced Scale Forum?

Brought to you by Tabor Communications and nGage Events, The Advanced Scale Forum is the convergence of two conferences – Leverage Big Data and Enterprise HPC – to bring together a power forum created to solve challenges in the build-out of scalable advanced enterprise computing solutions. This convergence reflects the current state of the enterprise as they increasingly leverage High Performance Computing (HPC) to solve modern scaling challenges with in this the big data era.

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Our Unique Summit Format

The Advanced Scale Forum is not a typical trade show. It is a “power summit” focused on bridging the challenges that CTOs, CIOs, database, systems & solutions architects, and other decision-makers involved in building systems and applications that require increasing amounts of performance and throughput. Focus areas will include Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud, Deep Learning, HPC, Hybrid IT, IoT – Edge to Core Analytics, Machine Learning and more. By establishing relevant themes and providing opportunities such as boardroom sessions, 1:1 meetings, and networking & entertainment sessions, this summit accelerates the search for solutions, getting everyone closer to their goals. Our VIPs leave the summit well versed and up to speed on the state-of-the-art technology solutions available to them.

The Advanced Scale Forum Experience…

Attending the Summit

Conference expenses are fully paid for qualified attendees, including flight, hotel, meals, and summit badge.

Are you a senior technology or business executive seeking larger-scale accelerated computing solutions? Do you deal with data intensive computing, and need better answers now?

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The Advanced Scale Forum Summit Experience

Plenary Sessions

During the plenary sessions, summit delegates across the spectrum of industries will hear technical insights from subject matter experts solving advanced scale computing challenges. Presentations are tailored by conference co-chairs, Datanami Managing Editor, Alex Woodie and Doug Black, EnterpriseTech’s Managing Editor, and informed by an advisory board engaged with the challenges and opportunities at the advanced scale level of computing. The content is designed to provide the audience with in-depth information addressing the trends and opportunities facing today’s organizations moving into new paradigms in computing.

Board Room Solution Sessions

This second phase of the summit offers summit delegates with BOF boardroom sessions that put similar profiled attendees into board rooms that examine case studies in advanced scale computing solutions by leading solutions providers followed by open discussion. These engaging sessions encourage dialogue and create real engagement that helps with information sharing and networking.

1:1 Meetings

The most powerful part of the summit — the 1:1 meetings — put users in across a table with leading solutions providers to discuss challenges and solutions. Executives will sit down for private round-robin discussions with pre-selected solutions providers who are able to help with their current challenges. These meetings are designed to create the opportunity to explore new possibilities and discover new solutions for solving Advanced Scale challenges.

Networking and Entertainment

Hard work deserves a reward, and our summit offers multiple opportunities to unwind and build rapport with peers through exquisite dining, entertainment, and networking events. The event kicks off with an optional round of golf and each day consists of breakfast, lunch, and breaks for continued networking opportunities. Each day will conclude with a night full of networking and entertainment designed for delegate and sponsors to break bread, relax and get to know one another on a social level – creating a networking environment that is second to none.

Summit Themes:

Artificial Intelligence / Deep and Machine Learning

Demystifying the marketing hype and empowering the data scientist to deliver better business intelligence

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IoT - Edge to Core

Processing real-time Data Analytics at the edge to further Business Intelligence at the core

Learn More


Building an Agnostic Cloud to address a Hybrid IT – on premises and off, cloud is an extension of the enterprise

Learn More


At the core of Data Intelligence for the Business

Learn More


The next generation of data identity – it’s not just for Bitcoin anymore

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Advisory Committee

Arden Anderson

Design Analysis Group Manager, Mercury Marine

Ari Berman, Ph.D.

General Manager, Principal Investigator, The BioTeam, Inc.

Arno Kolster

Principal, Providentia Worldwide (formerly with PayPal)

Barbara Eckman

Principal Data Architect, Comcast

Don Burr

Director, Solution Delivery, AIG

Jamal Uddin, Ph.D.

HPC Administrator, Dana Holding Corporation

Jason Tokayer, Ph.D.

Principal Data Engineer, Capital One

Jem Pagan

CTO, Flatiron Stratagies and Director of Technology Strategy, JNK Securities

Larry Patterson

Director of Advanced Computing Technologies, Gulfstream

Peter Bakas

Director of Engineering, Cloud Platform Engineering, Netflix

Ryan Quick

Principal, Providentia Worldwide (formerly with PayPal)

Shane Brauner

VP, IT & Operations, Schrödinger
Day 1
06 May 2018
Day 2
07 May 2018
Day 3
08 May 2018


Tom Tabor
Philip McKay

Opening Advanced Scale Forum & State of the Union

Alex Woodie, Datanami Managing Editor, Tiffany Trader, Managing Editor, HPCWire and Doug Black, EnterpriseTech Managing Editor give a brief overview of the conference, its goals, and resources that attendees have for gaining additional insight into the complex and evolving world where enterprises increasingly leverage High Performance Computing (HPC) to solve modern scaling challenges of the big data era.
Alex Woodie
Tiffany Trader
Doug Black

Panel: Cloud Panel

Modorator Merle Gilles AWS | Microsoft | Nimbix | Accenture

General Session

Gulfstream Simulator
Larry Patterson

Welcome Reception & Dinner

A networking reception and dinner for all attendees designed to foster interaction and build relationships.

Network Breakfast

Sponsored by MemSQL

Morning Welcome

Philip McKay

Day 2 Kick Off

Alex Woodie
Tiffany Trader
Doug Black

General Session

Merging IT and HPC
Larry Patterson

Keynote: Industrial IoT Keynote

Continuing the Industrial Revolution – Connecting IIOT solutions to HPC as a Service to strengthen operational excellence Industry 4.0 methodology is being applied to multiple industries both inside and outside of manufacturing.  In this new operations model, advanced IIoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions enable continuous, real-time monitoring of manufacturing processes to predict and proactively address impending variations and drift from specified production parameters. Adopting this new focus around updating concepts will require a shift to the use of ‘Edge-to-Core’ IIOT operations and solutions to gain access to real-time data and operational visibility throughout the manufacturing process.  These ‘self-aware’ components can report on their own condition, indicate how much useful life they have left, and predict when they’re likely to fail. When combined, the Edge IoT data is fed into the Core HPC enabled analytics platforms to provide product manufacturers from any industry an “Edge to Core’ data analytics capability to enable extreme tracking and correlation of thousands of real-time data points in the manufacturing process. As real-time sensor data arrives in the datacenter, High Performance Compute (HPC) farms enable AI and ML data science analytics methods to be applied against the collected data to enable immediate decision making and action.  The positive impact of “Edge-to-Core” IoT data chains achieve quality improvements impacting both the productivity of the system and the information provided to mission critical and time sensitive business challenges.
Quentin Jones
Dallas Powell

Keynote: Microsoft

HPC workloads traditionally run on a fixed-size in-house cluster. For users, this means waiting in queue and constraining their jobs to fit within the bounds of the cluster. But what could happen if the end user got the resources they needed at the scale required? Azure has the capabilities and ease-of-access to accelerate innovation by giving HPC and AI jobs the right resources on demand. This talk covers seven lessons from a decade of HPC in the cloud and how the scale, flexibility, and elasticity offered by Azure can transform how HPC is done.
Jason Stowe

Editorial Discussion: Cray

3 Trends that will change your perspective of HPC Today’s ever-changing world of HPC requires that our technology and skill sets be powerful, fast and agile.  This session will look at three key trends that are influencing HPC today and how you can be prepared for a ride on the carousel. Trend 1:  Convergence of HPC and AI (or Supercomputing in the cloud) Trend 2:  Processor Flexibility Trend 3:  HPC-optimized Software
Joseph George

Reception & Dinner

Sponsored by PSSC Labs

Morning Welcome

Philip McKay

Day 3 Kick Off

Alex Woodie
Tiffany Trader
Doug Black

Keynote: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Smart Contracts – Technologies You Can’t Ignore

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts have emerged as unignorable technologies, with potentially far-reaching implications. But it is not clear exactly what they do, why you should use them, and for what applications. This session covers the essence of these technologies, focusing on what is real, what is a promise, impact on other key trends such as IoT, AI, and Quantum Computing, and why they might or might not deliver on their promises. It describes how they work for an executive audience, and provides a recipe for when to use them, along with some examples.
Ryan Quick
Shahin Khan

Al Fireside Chat

Data-driven insights. Immersive customer experiences. Unlimited digital transformation. We’ve all heard the news: AI is going to change the entire world. But how much is realistic for your organization, right now, and over the course of your planning horizon? What steps do you need to take today in order to participate in the revolution? In this Fireside Chat, Addison Snell, industry analyst with Intersect360 Research, talks with a panel of experts from HPE, NVIDIA, and Intel about right-sizing expectations for today, while still participating in the dream for the future, addressing practical considerations such as risk, budget, personnel, and support of existing workloads.  
Addison Snell

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Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa
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Conference expenses are fully paid for qualified attendees, including flight, hotel, meals, and summit badge.

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