Day 1
15 Apr 2019
Day 2
16 Apr 2019
Day 3
17 Apr 2019

Conference Welcome

Tom Tabor
Philip McKay

General Session Opening Remarks: State of the Union: Technology Trends – Past, Present and Future

We are excited to be taking a more in-depth look into some exciting technology trends encompassing past, present, and future. We’ll also discuss future innovations in cloud computing, HPDA, HPC, and AI paving the way for new paradigms, such as exascale and quantum computing, which promise the power to tackle problems beyond the reach of today’s most advanced systems.
Bob Sorensen

General Session Keynote: The Future of HPC – Intel

In this keynote presentation, Tom will discuss the changing landscape of high performance computing, key trends, and the convergence of HPC-AI-HPDA that is transforming our industry and will fuel HPC to fulfill its potential as a scientific tool for business and innovation.  Tom will highlight not only key forces driving this shift but discuss how this transformation requires a fundamental paradigm shift and is opening up unprecedented opportunities for HPC.
Tom Krueger

Kick Off with Tabor Communications:

Join Tom Tabor and the expert, managing editors from HPCwire, EnterpriseAI and Datanami as they discuss the dynamic convergence and intersection of managing the big data deluge with AI technologies utilizing HPC. Big Data is best managed with AI and at this scale HPC capability and capacity are required.
Tom Tabor
Alex Woodie
Tiffany Trader
Doug Black

General Session Panel: HPC

While high-performance computing (HPC) was originally developed for computationally intensive government, scientific, and academic applications, a broad set of data-intensive use cases in areas such as big data, AI, machine/deep learning, IoT, and high-performance data analytics (HPDA), continues to drive the adoption of HPC in the enterprise. With each new use-case, IT organizations large and small are finding themselves looking for solutions that democratize access to HPC by optimizing resource utilization, energy consumption, data center density, data storage, and workload automation. These challenges continue to dominate the discussion around the widespread adoption of HPC in the enterprise. Is it possible to optimize the deployment, management, monitoring and operation of HPC clusters? Where do we store the massive amounts of relevant data pouring in from connected devices everywhere? What cost effective infrastructure solutions exist to maximize data center density and drastically reduce energy consumption? Join us at Advanced Scale Forum for a unique panel discussion as we elevate HPC as a mainstream enterprise Solution for today’s data intensive use cases.
Chris Orlando
Scott Aylor
Arden Anderson
Jay Boisseau, Ph.D.

General Session Panel: AI

AI is the latest technological phenomenon with the promise to revolutionize the modern enterprise. Commercial IT environments are challenged to incorporate machine learning, analytics, and simulation workloads against a wide variety of available technologies, both on-premise and in the cloud. This panel looks at the areas that have the most promise now, soon, and in the future, while filtering out fear and hype. Panelists will look at practical considerations, such as what is needed in order to get started with machine learning, and how to evaluate a project’s success or failure.
Addison Snell
Wayne Rickard
Steve Heibein
Jay Kruemck
Doug Black
Shane Brauner

General Session Keynote: Edge (IoT)

Data from sensors on distributed equipment and devices are pouring in from all over, exponentially increasing data volumes along with the need for edge processing. The ever-growing capabilities of smart devices give developers new tools for building applications that interact with the world in novel ways. From the edge to the core, machine learning and AI technology are remaking the Internet of Things (IoT). This year at ASF, we will discuss a variety of topics included in this infrastructure evolution including, edge to core to cloud technology, HPC clusters at the edge, the emergence of 5G networks, smart cities, and more.

General Session Panel: Cloud Computing

In the past few years, cloud computing has become a reliable platform upon which companies can bet their businesses. Today’s data-driven organizations are adopting robust, elastic cloud solutions that enable organizations to expand their compute resources as needed and to leverage advanced hardware, high-performance storage, and machine learning frameworks without investing in those technologies on an on-prem basis. The Advanced Scale Forum will highlight how cloud computing continues to impact business computing and evolve next-gen hybrid architectures. We will further the discussion behind private, public and hybrid cloud environments existing on-premise or managed by a cloud service provider.
Scott Tease
Matt Jacobs
Eric Terrell
Max Alt
Barbara Eckman

General Session Panel: Containers

Since its invention in 2013, container technology has proliferated across Linux environments – both among enterprises with advanced scale compute requirements and in the HPC world. From Kubernetes to Docker, container technologies are changing the way IT professionals build, test, and deploy applications. In the big data and HPC space, containers are fast becoming the preferred substrate upon which to deploy cluster applications. At the ASF, attendees will learn about the latest developments in container technology and get a glimpse into where the technology is headed, including new strategies and technologies for maximizing container effectiveness across multiple, disparate compute environments.
Max Alt
Ryan Quick
Jay Boisseau, Ph.D.

General Session Keynote: Devices and Data, Insights and Actions: The Ever Increasing Need for Speed & Scale – Dell EMC

Moore’s Law has been a remarkable measure of exponential progress in processor capabilities. However, it is the innate desire for human understanding–to know is happening, what will happen, and what we should so next–and the relentless growth of technology and data that really fuel the evolution of IoT, analytics & AI, and HPC. Even as Moore’s Law falters (?), the need for speed and scale increases unabated: to innovate, to outcompete, to protect, and to enrich and even entertain.
Jay Boisseau, Ph.D.