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“Fighting COVID with Advanced Technologies:

Reprovisioning Resources During a Disruptive Event

Thursday, July 29, 2021

2:00-3:30PM ET | 11:00-12:30 PT

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About ASF Roundtable

ASF Roundtable is a complimentary digital event series gathering IT and Data executives for a 90-minute learning, sharing and networking experience.
This interactive tech-trends series will shed light on the challenges and best practices in the build-out of scalable advanced enterprise computing solutions (HPC, AI, Big Data) and the lessons learned that can be adopted across industry verticals.
Through live sessions and case study discussions, experts and participants can collaborate, share ideas and experience as they increasingly leverage High Performance Computing (HPC) to solve modern scaling challenges within this the big data era. 

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In less than 90 minutes:
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Event Abstract

Fighting COVID with Advanced Technologies: Reprovisioning Resources During a Disruptive Event”
In the second installment of the Advanced Scale Forum COVID-19 Series presented by HPCwire, we explore some newly established best practices and lessons learned about mounting a global collaboration of historical proportions to fight SARS-CoV-2 using HPC to slow or stop the spread of this deadly pandemic. Research centers around the world responded to the immediate need for research resources to aid in the battle of the disruptive COVID event.
As was described in the previous event, HPC and data science were at the core of these efforts, and an entirely new set of best practices had to be established to make rapid progress. In this roundtable, our guests representing multiple perspectives will describe how their datacenters managed this shift burst. They’ll also discuss a national initiative to develop standards and protocols for reprovisioning to address a disruptive event. (human capital, CPU, security, distributed environments, leveraging (x)AAS, etc).


Thursday, July 29, 2021
Day 1
29 Jul 2021

Welcoming Remarks

Ari Berman, Ph.D.

Keynote Presentation: LLNL and Cornelis Networks Accelerate COVID Research at Scale

In this session we’ll discuss COVID-19 work done on both Ruby and Mammoth, which are Intel and AMD CPU supercomputing clusters at Lawrence Livermore National Lab. Both machines use the Cornelis OPA network, but serve different diverse workloads needed to model the evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and treatments for COVID-19. The ability to stand these machines up quickly and reliably was key to LLNL researcher productivity in searching for a cure and understanding how the virus mutates.
Glenn Brook, PhD
Ian Karlin, PhD

COVID-19 Panel Discussion: The Impact of Reprovisioning Resources During a Disruptive Event | Best Practices and Lessons Learned

In this session our guests representing multiple perspectives will describe how their data centers managed this burst. They’ll also discuss a national initiative to develop standards and protocols for reprovisioning to address a disruptive event. (human capital, CPU, security, distributed environments, leveraging (x)AAS, etc.
Jack Collins, PhD
Dan Stanzione, PhD
Ari Berman, Ph.D.

Session Recordings - February 18, 2021

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Fighting Covid with Advanced Technologies: HPC Roadmap for a Mission Critical, Rapid Deployment Event
If it were not for advanced technology, amazing scientific breakthroughs would not have been possible for us to fight the pandemic. Great minds and systems converge to break down protocols and deep collaboration barriers at the intersection of biological science and technology in the real-time hunt for the cure. 
Check out the session recordings to further understand how HPC, storage, data, and science will play a critical role in managing Covid-19 and, ultimately, finding a cure.

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