Why Sponsor

In meetings with highly qualified commercials users seeking high-performance computing solutions, we’re helping to drive their business solutions, and offering you an exclusive chance to play a pivotal role.

Give your top executives the opportunity to build a dialogue with a cross-section of top industry decision-makers currently in the market for large-scale computing solutions. The summit delegates are highly-qualified, rigorously-screened purchasing influencers interested building their knowledge of the solutions to their large-scale computing problems.

With a legacy of the first events of this kind in the Big Data and HPC spaces, Advanced Scale Forum will provide a uniquely immersive experience for enterprise IT leaders in industries ranging from financial services, retail, healthcare, oil & gas, manufacturing (and more), who are in the process of building next-generation scalable systems (and the applications that span them).

Meet the leading prospects in big data & commercials HPC

Advanced Scale Forum will be filled with a cross-section of leaders from organizations who are on the cutting edge in their industries. Be at this event to learn who the leaders are, what challenges they’re facing, and most importantly: to let them know how your solutions address their problems.

Shape the discussion happening in the market

Make a big impact in thought leadership by having your company host a series of boardroom discussions. Set the agenda with a vendor-sponsored keynote session. This summit will be filled with the top purchasing influencers and decision-makers, all trying to make sense of a complicated market. This is a great chance to turn the volume up on your company’s thought leadership.

Start new business discussions

The Advanced Scale Forum format includes 1:1 meetings with attendees putting your company face-to-face with prospects to discuss their needs and your solutions. Attendees of this summit are highly qualified end users who know that they are coming to hear specific, very detailed presentations from solution providers tailored to their specific needs.

Advanced Scale Forum - Build Relationships - Close Business

  • Keynote Sessions – Build your company’s leadership with decision-makers who are currently in the market for large-scale computing solutions.
  • Private Boardroom/Case Study Presentations – 25 minute private boardroom case study presentations to groups of 8-10 senior executives in the process of reviewing large-scale technology solutions for implementations.
  • Pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings – with attending senior executives are the ideal way to drive sales and solidify partnerships. Sponsors schedule meetings beginning 2 weeks before the event through our online scheduling system, as well as on-site.
  • Additional networking opportunities including –  Receptions, breakfasts and luncheons, golf, casino night and awards night where attending executives vote on the best vendor products and presentations.
  • Keynote presentations and panels – In-depth presentations and panels featuring vendor executives on Servers, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Power and Cooling, Storage, Networking, and Security.

We have created an exclusive forum where buyers and sellers can come together in an environment facilitated by experts to share their experiences, needs, products, and services. On top of that, Advanced Scale Forum offers a world-class venue with unmatched comfort, food, and networking. And let’s not forget the golf, the complimentary five-star accommodations or the many other meaningful relationships and experiences you will have.

Qualified Attendees

The attendees that come to Advanced Scale Forum are leaders ranging from financial services, retail, healthcare, oil & gas, manufacturing (and more), who are in the process of installing next-generation scalable systems (and the applications that span them). We don’t use traditional event marketing practices that deliver unknown results in terms of types of attendees. We bring in high-level decision makers and are gathering the top purchasing influencers and decision-makers in enterprise HPC to build community and knowledge on the front lines of technological progress.

When a sponsor comes to Advanced Scale Forum they don’t have to “hope” that they have meaningful meetings. Sponsors’ 1:1 and group meetings are pre-scheduled so they know exactly what they are getting and how to prepare. The hosted model is a proven model and sponsors and attendees get what they came for which is improving and advancing their business.

Should your company participate?

You should participate in Advanced Scale Forum if you are a manufacturer or supplier of hardware and/or software solutions aimed at large-scale enterprise operations::

  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Bio IT / Life Sciences
  • Oil & Gas / Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Etc. (Any sector installing large-scale computing

Advanced Scale Forum aims to address the following issues through a format that includes leadership keynote addresses, boardroom-style solution session, and 1:1 engagements that dig into specific problems and solutions::

  • Systems & Architectures – Stack-level examination of operating systems, middleware, switching infrastructure & tools intended to be used at scale
  • Optimizing Large-scale Applications – Tailoring systems to the applications that are driving them; Increasing compute density while driving energy efficiency
  • Software for Extreme Scale Infrastructure – Exploring trends in systems software aimed at developing and running applications in extreme scale environments
  • Big Data & Analytics – Addressing the challenges that the growing data tide presents in context with extreme scale systems
  • Cloud Computing & Extreme Scale – Investigating the role and influence of cloud computing in commercial HPC and the solutions that they may (and may not) present
  • System Efficiency –  Controlling costs through energy efficiency – keeping the large scale datacenter from eating up your company profits
  • The Human Element – Probing the issues surrounding the human factor in extreme-scale systems (as big a challenge in extreme-scale computing as any technical detail)

Sponsor Frequently Asked Questions

What is Advanced Scale Forum?

Advanced Scale Forum is an invitation-only, hosted summit designed to bring together technology and business leaders responsible for tackling issues that large-scale enterprise technology users and decision-makers are faced with as they navigate the build-out and maintenance of next-generation enterprise software/hardware infrastructures.

Why is this event different from other Big Data focused events?

What separates Advanced Scale Forum from other hosted conferences? More breadth of content from peers, thought leaders, analysts and an advisory board to help you architect the right solutions. Advanced Scale Forum is more business-intensive than any other relative event in the space. Every day is packed with private and group meetings, product demonstrations, networking, case studies, and sessions led by industry experts. Rather than just another tradeshow or exhibition, EnterpriseHPC’16 is focused on building relationships so all members in these complex ecosystems can better understand and advance their needs. By the end of the event, each attendee will have had the opportunity to have met and had meaningful discussions with virtually everyone at the conference, building their personal network and expanding their knowledge.

What are the main benefits of attending?

The 2 1/2 day agenda is centered around scheduled meetings between attending executives and sponsors, including case study presentations and one-on-one meetings for follow-up product and partnership discussions. Industry analysts will address and give general sessions and will be available for one-on-one meetings with event participants.

• Peer exchange sessions, industry roundtables and daily networking activities will also be featured.

• Accomplish months’ worth of high-level meetings, expert insights and peer networking in just 2 1/2 days.

• Get a concentrated overview of the next generation of Big Data technology

Who should attend?

Attendance is by invitation only. Both Executives (attendees/buyers) and Vendors are invited to participate in Advanced Scale Forum based on their fit and demand for their presence. Attendees undergo a pre-qualification process. Once qualified, all executives will receive a full participation package. Executives will include a cross-industry, senior group of C-level and industry professionals from both Fortune 1000 and midsize organizations including CIOs, Network and IT/IS Managers, Data Center Managers, and other IT Leaders overseeing the selection and implementation of technology and solutions.

IT professionals including:
• IT Infrastructure
• IT Operations
• The Data Center
• Storage
• IT Architecture
• Facilities
• Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Which topics will be addressed?

Trends such as big data and resource intensive applications are driving the build-out of massive infrastructures. This requires decision-makers to have a solid foundation in large scale server, storage, and switching infrastructures – as well as operating systems, middleware, development and systems management tools that are intended to be used at scale. Some of these resources are trickling down from the long-established supercomputing realm – while others are bubbling up from the hyperscale Web application operators.

Advanced Scale Forum will examine the intersection of these worlds as they converge in modern commercial IT environments where businesses are borrowing from these sectors, as well as testing out ideas of their own as they construct systems aimed at applications that push the very extremes of performance and low-latency.

Advanced Scale Forum is dedicated to providing a comprehensive understanding of the systems challenges that commercial organizations are facing.

Hot topics to be covered include:
• HPC – High performance computing at the core of data intelligence for the business

• Artificial Intelligence / Deep & Machine Learning – Demystifying the marketing hype and empowering the data scientist to deliver better business intelligence

• Blockchain – The next generation of data identity – it’s not just for Bitcoin anymore

• Cloud Computing – Building an agnostic cloud to address a hybrid IT – on premises and off, cloud is an extension of the enterprise

• IoT: Edge to Core – Processing real-time data analytics at the edge to further business intelligence at the core

What is a Boardroom/Case Study?

Sponsors have the opportunity to deliver a “Case Study” presentation to the executive attendees in a private “Boardroom” type of setting. These presentations are not sales pitches or product demonstrations. Sponsors will discuss a specific client they work with, their objectives and issues they faced, and how the sponsor worked with them to overcome those issues and assisted them with their wireless and mobility strategy. It is an opportunity to engage a small/focused audience in an interactive and problem-solving environment.

What is a one-to-one meeting?

A pre-arranged, private, sit-down meeting to discuss business between buyers and sellers.

Are there other opportunities to network at the event beyond 1:1 meetings?

Yes. You can meet with them during luncheons, dinners and other networking activities.

What do I need to bring?

We take care of your signage, meals and functions. Bring your business cards and your laptop or other items you require for sales discussions.

What do I wear?

The dress code is business casual.

How much does it cost to attend?

There is no charge for qualified executives to participate. If you qualify to attend, you will receive complimentary event registration, travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, meals and social events. The event will be limited to a select number of executives. Executives are encouraged to secure their place as soon as possible.

Vendor sponsors pay for their travel and transfer to the hotel and receive a reduced room rate. organized event meals and receptions are included.

I'm interested in attending, but how do I qualify for my invitation?

Sponsors may choose from different packages and sponsorship opportunities based on their needs and budget. For information, please contact Matt Walters at matt@taborcommunications.com.