Conference Themes

Big Data: Data Science to Data Management

The exponential growth of data presents both challenges and opportunities to today’s business. As digital transformation continues across the enterprise landscape, the challenges of big data management and storage have risen in complexity, as has the shortage of data scientists. Meanwhile, new data science technologies are emerging that let companies leverage big data to create competitive advantages in key areas like product development, customer experience, fraud detection, and operational efficiency. At the Advanced Scale Forum, we’ll dive into the latest trends impacting data management and data science, sharing insights among IT planners and vendors on strategies that work.

Cloud Computing

In the past few years, cloud computing has become a reliable platform upon which companies can bet their businesses. Today’s data-driven organizations are adopting robust, elastic cloud solutions that enable organizations to expand their compute resources as needed and to leverage advanced hardware, high-performance storage, and machine learning frameworks without investing in those technologies on an on-prem basis. The Advanced Scale Forum will highlight how cloud computing continues to impact business computing and evolve next-gen hybrid architectures. We will further the discussion behind private, public and hybrid cloud environments existing on-premise or managed by a cloud service provider.

Artificial Intelligence

AI – machine learning, deep learning, business intelligence, and robotics process automation – is fundamentally changing the way information is gathered, stored and leveraged, allowing greater insight to be derived from greater volumes of corporate data. Fueled by big data, AI has emerged as a formidable weapon for businesses to improve their decision-making capabilities. This year at the Advanced Scale Forum, we will cut through the AI clutter and discuss ways to start your AI journey. We’ll also share strategies for ensuring your AI investments become more than just science experiments.

Edge to Core

Data from sensors on distributed equipment and devices are pouring in from all over, exponentially increasing data volumes along with the need for edge processing. The ever-growing capabilities of smart devices give developers new tools for building applications that interact with the world in novel ways. From the edge to the core, machine learning and AI technology are remaking the Internet of Things (IoT). This year at ASF, we will discuss a variety of topics included in this infrastructure evolution including, edge to core to cloud technology, HPC clusters at the edge, the emergence of 5G networks, smart cities, and more.


Since its invention in 2013, container technology has proliferated across Linux environments – both among enterprises with advanced scale compute requirements and in the HPC world. From Kubernetes to Docker, container technologies are changing the way IT professionals build, test, and deploy applications. In the big data and HPC space, containers are fast becoming the preferred substrate upon which to deploy cluster applications. At the ASF, attendees will learn about the latest developments in container technology and get a glimpse into where the technology is headed, including new strategies and technologies for maximizing container effectiveness across multiple, disparate compute environments.


Modern enterprises continue to face the challenge of implementing new technologies to manage the ever-diversifying landscape of HPC workloads. Faced with issues of maximizing utilization and managing resources versus workloads, enterprises are merging IT and HPC to capably pursue projects that drive innovation. We’ll look at HPC-level AI, HPDA and modeling/simulation workloads that can’t be solved without combinations of advanced, cluster- or cloud-based solutions using high-end CPUs and GPUs, high-speed interconnects, new fabrics and high-performance storage – along with the management challenges that arise from the use of these technologies.

Technology Trends – Past, Present, and Future

We are excited to be taking a more in-depth look into some exciting technology trends encompassing past, present, and future. We’ll also discuss future innovations in cloud computing, HPDA, HPC, and AI paving the way for new paradigms, such as exascale and quantum computing, which promise the power to tackle problems beyond the reach of today’s most advanced systems.