Keynote: Hybrid Cloud for HPC

07 May 2018
8:40 am - 9:25 am

Keynote: Hybrid Cloud for HPC

Hybrid Cloud for HPC

The new Digital Enterprise is applying High Performance Compute (HPC) technologies to a wide array of IT services to enable companies to gain operational agility, increased flexibility, and speed-to-value for an increasing number of computational intensive functions.

Enterprise IT organizations are being asked to accelerate adoption of HPC solutions to enable product design and testing, electronic design automation, graphical simulations and AR/VR applications. Many of these use cases include Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Machine Learning (ML) in combination with traditional data science capabilities to deliver an ever-growing set of analytics derived outcomes.

The Accenture Hybrid-Cloud (AHC) Platform for HPC approach provides an open, scalable and highly versatile toolset for enterprises to deploy and manage physical, virtual or containerized enterprise HPC workloads on-premise and across cloud environments on demand and at speed.  AHC for HPC helps clients optimize HPC operating costs, increase agility, strengthen data governance and policy management by centralizing HPC operations control and applying advanced analytics to control workload distribution and elastic resource management.