Conference Themes 2018

Artificial Intelligence/Deep and Machine Learning

Demystifying the marketing hype and empowering the data scientist to deliver better business intelligence

There is no shortage of energy being expended on emerging technologies like AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning. But how does one separate reality from the hype? How can one dive deeper into the data to pull out the insights? At the Advanced Scale Forum, we will demystify AI and related technologies and help you discover the real-world impact they’re having.


The next generation of data identity – it’s not just for Cypto Currency anymore

Blockchain is the next technology revolution that everyone is talking about, but few are implementing. It’s long been lumped alongside Bitcoin mining, but its inherent identity and security benefits have thus far been ignored by the enterprise. We’re excited to announce our Blockchain Panel for the Advanced Scale Forum, where we’ll give industry experts from the banking, retail, and insurance industries the opportunity to provide insight into what Blockchain is and where technology is going.


Building an hybrid cloud to address flexible IT demands – On premises and off, cloud is an extension of the enterprise

As the cloud continues to grow in size and import, the economics of the cloud have become a major concern for companies of all sizes. From the speed and reliability of the cloud to its cost and security, the Advanced Scale forum will uncover best practices for collecting, storing, migrating, and analyzing data in private, public and hybrid cloud environments. We’ll dive into solutions that take an agnostic approach to building a high-performance hybrid IT infrastructure to help scale to business demands.

IoT – Edge to Core

Processing real-time data at the edge to drive business analytics at the core

Thanks to the ever-increasing desire to gain insights in real-time, the Internet of Things has given rise to a new age of technologies. Whether one works in retail, oil and gas, or manufacturing, enterprises are demanding new ways to capture and process data at the edge in support of real-time data analytics. At the Advanced Scale Forum, we will discuss how to move intelligence to the edge to facilitate real-time data analytics, what data we need to bring back to the core for further processing, and how to improve the network to support big data transfers.


At the core of data intelligence for the business

The advent of high-performance computing is changing the way the enterprise conducts business. HPC is no longer a science project within the enterprise, or just for the highly specialized use cases. With the onset of big data, HPC has become a necessary tool for extracting intelligence the enterprise needs to stay ahead of the competition. However, there are still major concerns surrounding HPC, and the problem is multifaceted. How do we properly store and analyze the data? Who owns it? How do we adequately protect the data? We will examine strategies for choosing the right options, with discussions around data management, data retention, and security.